ONBC 11th Birthday 8.0

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  3              4
8          9 
    14                          15
    16                      17
  20      21               
      22                23


  1. This character is based on William Burroughs.
  2. Mannequins, voodoo dolls and ink imps. What book?
  3. Nobel prize winner
  4. The physics theory behind the concept of Parallel Worlds.
  5. What Grenouille wanted most in life was to be able to ____________.
  6. Born in Dartford, along the Thames.
  7. Who lived at 160 Hall Street?
  8. Papa Georges
  9. Medium man, medium wise describes what character?
  10. Pantoufle was a ____________ in the book, Chocolat.
  11. “Turn up the fucking music!” he screamed. “My heart feels like an ____________!”
  12. She’s wearing stiletto heels, a blonde wig, a red dress with white polka dots and vintage silk stockings.
  13. “In the time of your life, live—so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and ________ of it."
  14. The author of _________ studied Theosophy and Buddhist texts.
  15. What is the name of the book that was slated to become a movie starring Johnny and Robin Williams, but funds for the project fell through?
  16. Hunger was a main theme in a book by what author (last name only)?
  17. Whose ship was the Carmichael?


  1. One of our Q&As was with an author who wrote one of our ONBC books and also wrote the screenplay for a movie based on a different ONBC book. Who is the author/screenwriter?
  2. Where did Yeamon get in the fight?
  3. His latest film is Crusoe.
  4. “When he awoke it was night. Above him, all around him, the sky was a bolt of black velvet awaiting the portrait of Jesus or Elvis.” Who is he?
  5. What poet and novelist wrote the introduction to Ask the Dust by John Fante?
  6. The foreign artiste.
  7. What non-fiction ONBC book have we compared to a recent ONBC non-fiction book? Hint: Both books have inspired JD movies.
  8. “asparagus, chicken breasts, sherbet, ricotta cheese, olive oil.” Who’s shopping list?
  9. First mate of the Fair Wind.
  10. Beloved Crocodile
  11. One of the books discussed twice at ONBC.
  12. What are the first 2 words of the alternate name for Two Past Midnight?
  13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was inspired by what classic novel?
  14. Asta’s breed.
  15. “Smoking, drinking, dancing, music, sexy __________, no problem here,” Prabaker assured us.

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